Unfortunately I haven’t had the opportunity to officially release my own deck of cards. It is my intention one day to officially release a design that will be produced in bulk by the finest playing card companies.

For now I am testing ideas using the US Playing Card Company’s custom deck service. This is currently operated through ZAZZLE, an online printing company that prints designs on a variety of products. Out of all the services available, this one is officially lisenced to use the Bicycle logos, artwork and design.

If you are familiar with the feel of Air Cushioned “Rider Back” cards, these will not be the same. They are produced on quite a thick stock and have a slick but plastic like finish. They don’t fan or spread as well and the printing is good, but noticeably different.

I enjoy producing these decks, not for the way they are made, but as design tests. They are different to what most card workers will be used to but they are still very useful in a great number of ways. I mainly produce decks that have a utility or a function to them. I sometimes make decks for performances that add to the story or are simply designed to get a laugh.

Regardless, I am offering my designs as ideas. Testing and reserving everything I conceive in the hope to one day produce them en mass. If you purchase one of my designs I would love to know your feedback. If you are unhappy with the production quality from Zazzle, you can take advantage of their 100% satisfaction guarantee.