About Me

My name is Chris Annable, and I am a playing card enthusiast from Melbourne, Australia. This website is a part of my personal “Research Discovery Series”.

I consider myself a student of this art, not an authority.”

While learning and practising cards, I plan to keep a log of things I uncover along the way. Including: decks of cards, sleights, moves, books and accessories.

I am most easily categorised as a card “magician”

My core passion is for the gambling sleights and the cheating methods used at card tables and casinos throughout history and around the world. The secret art of what is never seen. I rarely entertain tricks that require specific apparatus or “gaffs” to achieve their miracles.

I enjoy performing card tricks, even those based around magic. This is the most honest method of deception available to card-men. The sleights, methods and misdirection originally designed to cheat people out of their money are instead used to entertain. My way of sharing the joy of these fascinating 52  pieces of paper.

All original work I publish is independently conceived. Any similarities to other published work is unintentional. Please feel free contact me if you have any questions or concerns.