Magic Tricks

RBTC (Rubber Band Through Card)

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Pierce a hole into a standard playing card or business card, then visibly link a rubber band through it. After a clean and visual display of the impossible object, melt the rubber band out again and hand out the items for inspection.

  • Completely impromptu,
  • No splits, tears or gaps,
  • No gaffs (use any standard card & rubber band),
  • Great angles,
  • All parts are examinable!


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White Out is a simple routine by Chris Annable that has a powerful visual effect.

A colored deck is removed from the box. One card is selected, signed and placed back into the center of the deck. With a simple movement, the entire deck turns white, except for a single card. That card is the signed selection.


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Short Stack by Chris Annable is a card stacking technique, disguised as an overhand shuffle.

The method is simple, logical, requires no complicated maths and there is no need to “feel count” packets of cards. Once stacked, the cards are dealt legitimately from the top – not from the bottom or 2nd position of the deck.

With this method you can stack any hand, of any number of cards to yourself, another player, or even community cards in games like Texas Hold’Em Poker.

Short Stack is easy to learn, incredibly deceptive and is perfect for any gambling demonstration.